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Senior-Level Support
For Agencies

Solving for the age-old agency conundrum:

"We need someone senior to help win the work; but we need to win the work before we can hire someone senior."

That's where we come in.

Wish your agency had access to another creative strategist to help nail that pitch?

Need an outside perspective? A fresh brain to bounce ideas? Someone to come and lead a brainstorm? An experienced strategist to build out the approach? A performer and storyteller to join the pitch? A senior leader to help shepherd and mentor a junior team?

Our agency support offering delivers the acumen and experience of a VP-level hire without the long-term cost.

Brainstorm solutions.

Find the big idea.

Build the strategy.

Pitch the concept.

Coach your junior team.

And just about anything else you need to tell your clients' stories.

Bicycle Against a Red Wall

Opening Doors with Creative Problem-Solving


We know our way around a new business pitch. And we also understand the toll it takes.
The effort and expense of new business can be daunting, especially on a small team with a few senior-level leaders.

We can help share that load by helping at whatever stage of the pitch or client project you're at:


brainstorming and ideation

creative executions

building strategies that win

strategic support

coaching and mentoring

What you get is an experienced, creative problem solver who can come up with the big idea, sell it in, and create the framework for it to come to life.

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